ING Bankieren

ING Bankieren is a banking app to manage your account for private and business customers. It is one of the advanced app available in The Netherlands.

Some key noticeable features includes:

  • Account overview with finance forecasting.
  • Payment request with receipt scanner.
  • QR Scanner to scan online payments. i.e. iDeal, Payment request, Payconiq.

During my time I was involved in development of some exciting user facing features for this app.

  • Rich payment request with smart description tags and illustration.
  • Augmented Reality for QR Scanner for scanning the iDeal payments.
  • Receipt Scanner which uses iOS builtin machine learning to scan and read receipts to create a payment request from the detected data.
  • iDeal payment flow V1 & V2.
  • Biometric authentication for login.
  • Payconiq payment flow.
  • App extensions like: Apple Watch app, iOS widget, iMessage and Siri.

Swift, Objective-C, MVVM, Coordinator pattern, Webtrekk analytics, UIKit, ARKit, CoreML, AVFoundation (QR Scanner), LocalAuthentication (Biometric), Keychain, Secure Enclave, Siri, WatchKit, iMessage, Carthage++.

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