ING Bankieren

ING Bankieren is a banking app to manage your account for private and business customers. It is one of the advanced app available in The Netherlands.

Some key noticeable features includes:

  • Account overview with finance forecasting.
  • Payment request with receipt scanner.
  • QR Scanner to scan online payments. i.e. iDeal, Payment request, Payconiq.

During my time I was involved in development of some exciting user facing features for this app.

  • Rich payment request with smart description tags and illustration.
  • Augmented Reality for QR Scanner for scanning the iDeal payments.
  • Receipt Scanner which uses iOS builtin machine learning to scan and read receipts to create a payment request from the detected data.
  • iDeal payment flow V1 & V2.
  • Biometric authentication for login.
  • Payconiq payment flow.
  • App extensions like: Apple Watch app, iOS widget, iMessage and Siri.

Swift, Objective-C, MVVM, Coordinator pattern, Webtrekk analytics, UIKit, ARKit, CoreML, AVFoundation (QR Scanner), LocalAuthentication (Biometric), Keychain, Secure Enclave, Siri, WatchKit, iMessage, Carthage++.

Bosch – EasyControl

At Bosch Thermotechnology is a company who manufacture and produce heating equipments including boilers, smart thermostats and radiators. They have an advance thermostat app with extensive features like multi room / zone control, temperature scheduling, smart shower, geo-fencing, and energy consumption chart.

During my time I helped team to stabilise the iOS app by implementing best swift code practices and helped to find and fix memory leaks in the project.

Features I mainly worked:

  • Thermostat display UI
  • Rooms & Zones configuration
  • Smart radiator scanning and addition

Check out their branding page here for more details about the project.

Swift, Objective-C, MVVM, UIKit, CoreLocation, Cocoapod

TNT – Track & Trace

Use TNT Track & Trace for tracking all your TNT shipments – anytime and anywhere.

  • Trace your package and receive updates about your shipment
  • Calculate the cost of sending your package
  • Discover how quickly your shipment can be delivered

Every day, TNT goes the extra mile to connect people and businesses all over the planet, delivering millions of parcels, documents and freight shipments with care and efficiency. Make all your shipping easier with TNT. The People Network.

During my time I worked on these features:

  • Tracking page
  • Saved tracking page
  • Quotation calculation
  • User profile and support pages
  • Apple watch app
  • Multi language support
  • Automated CI with fastlane for tests, screenshots compilation and publishing the app.

Swift, RXSwift, RealmSwift, MVVM, Firebase, Fabric, Crashlytics, UIKit, AVFoundation (QR & barcode scanner), WatchKit, Fastlane, Bitrise CI.

Intelligently Wake Up

Smart Alarm app with news, weather & calendar updates

Intelligently is an advanced alarm clock with intelligent features you have never seen before in any other alarm app. Early morning this app announces news, calendar appointments and weather conditions.

Highlighted features:

  • Galaxy style nightstand clock view to sooth your environment
  • Announcements, to fresh start each morning with important information
  • Themes to match your taste
  • Parallax view wallpapers

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ANWB – Car Price Calculator

At Xaton (aka Mobiquity) I worked on a ANWB mini site as frontend / javascript developer. This site provides functionality to calculate car price by the year / milage / brand / model etc.

View the site

De Telefoongids – Zoek & Vind App

Its a iOS and App to find restaurant nearby, your family doctor, a broker or phone number of your neighbors? And also direct route there? The Hidden app & The Telephone Directory you have any phone number, address and website fingertips.

Download the APP

De telefoongids website

As front-end developer I worked on this high traffic search engine website from Netherlands to search businesses and people (yellow and white pages).

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Resolutions an iPhone app I made as promotion for Microsoft bing initially and now a software company Tible is keeping it alive by owning the concept. Tools that are used to develop this app are native iOS SDK, and Facebook / Twitter share APIs.

Nivea – Friends Analyzer

Nivea Friends Analyzer is a microsite from Nivea main site to promote their new line of product ‘Pure Effect’. It is an interactive flash application to analyze friends on facebook. I build this web site as Flash Developer for BlastRadius.

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Wipho Quest

This is a mobile game I designed using Adobe Photoshop. This game was specific to Verizon Wireless US.

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